Helping Mothers to Help Themselves

What we do

  •  Supporting isolated, low income and single mothers with children between 0-5 years old.
  •  Empowering, supporting and coaching women in their personal, economic and social development while promoting optimal development of their young children.
  •  Providing stimulation workshops aimed at promoting self awareness of one’s strengths, potentials & limits, encouraging decision making and incorporating healthy changes.
  •  Providing intervention strategies such social networking among isolated women.
  •  Providing an educational and bilingual childcare program that enhances all aspects of child development.
  •  Helping and encouraging parents to adopt the right attitude with regard to their children’s education and upbringing.
  •  Providing one to one as well as group counseling with our members.
  •  Providing members with organizational skills to grocery shop, cook and bake healthy on a low budget.