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Without having this wonderful support group we wouldn’t be able to help all those that we do, Our Group is like no other and each and everyone has a true passion for the work they do!

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Board of Directors

Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee-From time to time Council establishes advisory committees, which are comprised of volunteer members from the community, to address a specific issue. Advisory committees are an important resource for supporting executive Board members.

Benefits of advisory committees

  • Provide citizen input into the strategic direction setting and decision-making of the organization
  • Allow local committee to adequately address issues
  • Enrich the community with events
  • Assist in easing the workload of Board Members
  • Allow staff and elected officials to draw on local talent and expertise

Women on the Rise has been through a significant amount of change in the last year.  What we know for certain is the change that has been imposed on the organization has enabled us to reflect on the change we must enforce.

Since the beginning of inception, our mission has been our focus. Helping mothers to help themselves.  Many mothers have been helped by our organization and as time passed we found ourselves assisting in ways that had not been a part of our original vision.

The great news is that we have made some great gains in establishing partnerships with organizations who believe in our mission.  With the support of Moisson Montreal and Generation Foundation,  we continue to build our collective kitchen.  This support enables us to show our mothers how to feed their families on a limited budget.  This is a life skill that empowers our mothers and works towards making them self- sufficient.  This program also provides food pantries to our families on a monthly basis.

Our relationship with the Otis Grant and Friends Foundation has supported Women on the Rise in preparing annual Christmas baskets that provide food to families at a time where heat and rent are a priority.

Time to think broader in order to assist more mothers in the NDG community.  As we worked through our programs, the Early Childhood program, parent workshops, and our collective kitchen we realized that the community we serve needed more.  Mental illness is prevalent in the community and programs to support women in these cases are extremely important. We need to be able to enlist the support of mental health professionals in order to help the mothers we support.

More referrals have lead us to a need to run our programs 5 days a week.  Based on the increase of referrals we are receiving from the CLSC and Batshaw, we need to be in operations for 5 days per week as opposed to 3.  Funding will be required to enable the appropriate staff to accomplish this.

Space is required to run our programs, efficiently and safely.  Finally, in order to be able to run our programs on multiple days, and enable the flow of mothers that we currently support, a bigger space will be required.  We do not have sufficient room to operate.

Now is the time and there is much work to do. The future of the families we currently support and those who need our assistance are at risk without the funding needed to sustain our organization. We have work to do and need funding to accomplish this.  We look forward to your support.


Michelle Riffin
Vice President

Seeking board of directors members

The board of directors of Women on the Rise is looking for new members.  If you have time to give and are as passionate about community and helping mothers to help themselves then there may be room for you on our board of directors.  We are looking for people who have the following skills;

  • Grant writing
  • Administrative/Executive Assistant
  • Fundraising

If any of these are areas of expertise or interest, please feel free to reach out to me at mriffin@gmail.com

It was a real roller- coaster ride for Women on the Rise (WOR) for the year 2017. We had just completed our five-year Strategic Plan.  With the Strategic Plan in place, we were able to reflect and identify the needs in NDG and how WOR services played an integral part to meet the needs. We are all about alleviating poverty and empowering vulnerable families.

As we prepared to do what we do best, we were hit with the news that one of our biggest funders was experiencing financial difficulties and was forced to do funding cuts to some organizations and WOR was one of them. That created a lot of uncertainties for WOR. Members of the staff were concerned about their future and as a result WOR began to crumble, and we started losing staff members.

Then we were hit with another bombshell; we had to find a new location, as the landlord needed the space we occupied to do renovations. With the help from the members of the Advisory Board, we were able to find a new location in NDG. Although it was a smaller space with an increase in rent, we were relieved to move in to our new location the beginning of September.

With no staff members on board, we were fortunate to have the help of volunteers, dedicated mothers, and monetary donations. This enabled us to maintain the Parent Animator’s Program, the Early Childhood Education Program, and the Nutrition Counts Program. We had to put the Time Off for Mom program on hold, and by November we were able to hire staff for the programs and have WOR in full gear.

From then on we have been building awareness about WOR and strengthening the relationship with other organizations. All this would not have been possible without the dedicated volunteers that believes so strongly in WOR.

This year we have been welcoming many new families as they pour in from across the border. Their needs are really complex. WOR embraces diversity; our families are from various ethnicities and it is indeed a pleasure to serve these families. We will need to increase our hours of service, assist in orientation and have the staff do more training.

We are now reaching out to the community to help WOR continue with its much-needed service in NDG.

Grace Campbell
Executive Director

Volunteer Appreciation

Women on the Rise would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Your willingness to use your gifts and abilities has strengthened the mission of (WOR). This year, our volunteers not only selflessly donated 2,100 hours of their precious time but also showed great enthusiasm, creativity and commitment to the organization. A special thank you to the following individuals for your dedication and commitment to Women on The Rise:

  • Denise Pierre
  • Kayren Campbell
  • Lisa Subissati
  • Michelle Riffin
  • Houda Amirech
  • Brian Harris
  • Gary Mitton
  • Janet Sinclair
  • Joe Lambert
  • Deborah Defreitas
  • Audrey Klewer
  • Lisa Baum
  • Anne-Marie Laporte
  • Diana Victor
  • Julia catalfamo
  • Brigitte Skeene
  • Lex Green
  • Cléopâtre Marshall
  • Bernard Lafleur
  • Robin Willard
  • Rebecca Mbua
  • John Richardson

Community Support

Women on the Rise would like to thank these community organizations who support us in our mission:

  • CSSS Cavendish
  • Action Communataire
  • Volunteer Bureau of Montreal
  • Comité Jeunesse
  • Community Contact
  • D.G. Community Council
  • Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi
  • NDG Generation Fondation
  • Concordia University (Applied Human Science)
  • Mount Royal United Church
  • Mosaik Family Resource Centre
  • Moisson Montreal
  • YWCA
  • COCO
  • Projet Contact’ Ville de Montréal
  • Head & Hands Young Parent Program
  • Second Cup Loyola
  • Commission Scolaire de Montréal
  • Facilitators from Organizations
  • McGill Student Network
  • Tandem
  • Service Canada
  • 50 plus club Montreal