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Without having this wonderful support group we wouldn’t be able to help all those that we do, Our Group is like no other and each and everyone has a true passion for the work they do!

Our Office Staff

Board of Directors

Advisory Committee


Advisory Committee-From time to time Council establishes advisory committees, which are comprised of volunteer members from the community, to address a specific issue. Advisory committees are an important resource for supporting executive Board members.

Benefits of advisory committees

  • Provide citizen input into the strategic direction setting and decision-making of the organization
  • Allow local committee to adequately address issues
  • Enrich the community with events
  • Assist in easing the workload of Board Members
  • Allow staff and elected officials to draw on local talent and expertise

Quick word from our past President..  A heartfelt thank you to Centraide of Greater Montreal for giving Women on the Rise the opportunity to reflect and redefine the organization. With the aid of consultants we were able to examine and evaluate the programs, staff and the roles and responsibilities of the Board members. It was intense, as Board members demonstrated their commitment and dedication to Women on the Rise by meeting every week for two months. I am very proud of the outcome. We are a unique organization that remains open to the idea of merging with another organization that compliments what we at Women on the Rise do. At Women on the Rise, we break down barriers. Children born in Canada to parents from foreign countries are faced with many obstacles. This creates walls between our society and the families. We encourage our families to remain connected to their culture while still incorporating Canadian culture. A sincere thank you to all our volunteers, including our dedicated Board Members and we look forward to productive and rewarding year ahead! “Deborah Defreitas -Past President”

Volunteer Appreciation

Women on the Rise would like to take this opportunity to express our thanks and appreciation for a job well done. Your willingness to use your gifts and abilities has strengthened the mission of (WOR). This year, our volunteers not only selflessly donated 2,100 hours of their precious time but also showed great enthusiasm, creativity and commitment to the organization. A special thank you to the following individuals for your dedication and commitment to Women on The Rise:

•Denise Pierre
• Kayren Campbell
• Lisa Subissati
• Michelle Riffin
• Houda Amirech
• Brian Harris
• Gary Mitton
• Janet Sinclair
• Joe Lambert
• Deborah Defreitas
• Audrey Klewer
• Lisa Baum
• Anne-Marie Laporte
• Diana Victor
• Julia catalfamo
• Brigitte Skeene
• Lex Green
• Cléopâtre Marshall
• Bernard Lafleur
• Robin Willard
• Rebecca Mbua

Community Support

Women on the Rise would like to thank these community organizations who support us in our mission: CSSS Cavendish Action Communataire Volunteer Bureau of Montreal Comité Jeunesse Community Contact SIPPE N.D.G. Community Council Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi NDG Generation Fondation Concordia University (Applied Human Science) Mount Royal United Church Mosaik Family Resource Centre Moisson Montreal YWCA COCO Projet Contact’ Ville de Montréal Head & Hands Young Parent Program Second Cup Loyola Commission Scolaire de Montréal Facilitators from Organizations McGill Student Network Tandem Service Canada 50 plus club montreal


Women on the Rise has been a great help for me and my children. I started the program about 2 years ago and actually enjoy every moment of it. First I would like to say that brought me to Women on the Rise. What brought me to the program was the Parenting Group. I have learned a lot from the program. One of the most interesting things I have learned is how to deal with difficult children, sitting and listening to other mothers hearing their story sometimes bring me to realize I am not alone! Alsha