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Our Programs


Family Coaching

Our family coaching sessions cover a wide range of topics, including bonding with your child, introduction to positive forms of discipline, and tips on how to communicate effectively with daycares, schoolboards and other institutions.  Our certified family coach, Grace Campbell, takes a personal approach that invites participants to share their own experiences, and speak honestly about the many challenges that are a daily part of motherhood!

Art Exploration

Weekly themes prompt participants to explore different techniques and subject matter, using a combination of journaling and multi-media experimentation.  Online sessions are hosted weekly, and provide the opportunity for participants to share inspiration and unwind at the end of the day. 

Early Childhood Education/Respite

Children between the ages of 2-5 are welcomed to join us twice weekly in this program that supports children’s natural development through socializing and introducing routine.  Activities include crafts, reading, singing, and free play (indoors and outdoors). Our early childhood educator takes a personal approach to meet the needs of each child holistically.  This program serves as a respite for mothers as well, affording them the opportunity to prioritize their needs.

Mom & Baby Bonding through Music

Concordia Arts in Health Center in collaboration with Women on The Rise are offering a music therapy Mom and Baby Bonding through Music program. The goal of the program is to support and assist parents with young children through wellness oriented group music activity.


Food Security

In addition to the healthy weekly cooking through the Nutrition Counts program, Women on the Rise also offers emergency food relief for families.


Women on the Rise go the extra mile to bring some magic and fun into the lives of the families with whom we work.

Mindful Movements

Start your day in a better frame of mind with stretching and breathing exercises that promote relaxation and mindfulness.  Hosted virtually by the talented Reena Almoneda Chang.


Participants are introduced to several different preservation techniques (canning, fermentation, drying, etc) over the course of a growing season, using fresh and local bounty.  Our summer food preservation sessions will be running for the third consecutive season starting this July, and will operate on site.

Life Coaching

This series, hosted by the talented Gail Griffith, introduce creative approaches to self-reflection and goal setting in a group environment.  Sessions include tips to address challenges, obstacles, and fears; visioning exercises, and planning.  Participants learn processes to make their dreams a reality!

Mom & Baby Bonding through Music (suite)

By engaging in activities including learning and singing songs,  movement to music, and using music for relaxation,  parents will develop their skills at  playfully interacting, stimulating and soothing their children as well as adding  new tools to their parenting toolbox.   The program was designed based on research in the field that supports the use of music in parent-child bonding, stress management, developing coping skills, and wellness.   Sessions will be led by a Christina Sciacia, certified music therapist.The program will be offered once a week and it will run for 10 weeks.

Nutrition Counts

With the support of our parent animator, our members learn how to prepare affordable, nutritious meals which are shared with the group twice weekly.



  • During this time of increase hospitalization because of COVID, Cold and seasonal flu, we strongly recommend masks to all activities and anyone experiencing COVID symptoms to stay home.

  • All activities are free unless otherwise stated.

  • Registration is required for all activities. Please email us at to request your participation.

  • NEW: All Tuesday and Thursday afternoon activities will start promptly at 1:00. Please note that there is a drop in teatime beginning at 12:30, and we invite all participants to come early and chat before the workshop begins!

  • Childcare is available for most on-site programs, with 7 days' notice. Please indicate your needs in your participation request. This service will not be available if you do not indicate your need upon registering

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