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Contribute to a landmark moment in our history

Hello Women on the Rise members! As you may have heard, we will be holding a Special General Meeting on March 8th, International Women’s Day!  The event will be held off-site, at Espace Knox, which is located at 6215 ave Godfrey, just a little south of the corner of Monkland and Grand Boulevard.  All are welcome to join us at 6pm for some food and conversation, and the meeting will get started promptly at 7pm.  Childcare and translation services will be offered to the best of our ability (the meeting will be hosted in French and English).


The purposes of the SGM

The purpose of this Special General Meeting is to vote in our new proposals for our legal purposes.  Our new legal purposes would expand our legal membership to include all women, not solely mothers with children 0-5 years old.  These new proposals reflect our vision for a more inclusive women’s centre, that welcomes all women, and upholds our holistic approach to support by offering a wider range of services. 

We will also be voting to separate our organization's legal purposes from our bylaws, so each document can be independent from the other, and make our democratic processes smoother and easier.  Note that for the purposes of this Special General Meeting, we will only be voting on the points raised above, and voting can only be done in-person.

Please consider this your cordial invitation to join us on this exciting day!  We hope you will be able to attend—we can't make these changes without you*, and your participation will contribute to a landmark moment in Women on the Rise’s history!


who can vote, and how

*In order to vote, you need to have used our services or attended our programs at least once since April 2023, and you need to have filled out our voting membership registration form. If you want to verify that you're registered to vote in our Special General Meeting, or if you need help filling out any forms, you can contact us!



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