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Membership Month at Women on the Rise

Updated: May 8

This month's highlights:

April 29th to May 3rd, 2024


Over 100 organizations and community groups are supporting a social strike during the first week of May to denounce the erosion of our city's social safety net. Organized around an axis of 5 key points (housing, social services, adequate income, status for all, systemic equity), we aim to interrupt our usual operations in order to signal the great need for change. 


Our actions will include: 

  1. Moving our services outdoors onto the front lawn during Distro Room hours on Monday, April 29th, from 10 am to 1 pm.

  2. "Casserole Concert*" and march from our centre to the Depot on Wednesday, May 1st, at 10:30 am (meet up at Women on the Rise at 10 am.) The Distro Room will be closed on this day.

  3. Outreach and poster distribution throughout the week.

*At a casserole concert, a group of people get together and bang pots and pans to make noise and raise public awareness about a social issue.

It's time to renew your official membership (or do it for the first time) in order to vote at the Annual General Meeting in June. Ask a staff member for the form, either online or on paper.

Fundraisers to benefit Women on the Rise

Women on the Rise will be benefitting from several fundraisers in the month of May and we'd love your help to increase awareness of our centre.

As our member and service user, your testimonies and experiences are the most powerful demonstration of the difference our services can make.

Here are the dates and times of each event. You can click on each button to confirm your participation.

Centre closed and support groups suspended on Victoria Day

May 20th is a government holiday, and all services are closed.

Educational workshops on lots of topics

May 2nd

The Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi NDG will do an online job searching workshop at Benny Library.

May 9th

Monthly Dignity is coming to do a presentation about menstrual poverty. Having periods is full of hidden costs and burdens that get complicated for those of us at an economic or societal disadvantage, so let's talk about it! We'll also have a special Mother's Day surprise!

May 16th

Alexandra will share some information about eugenics: what the word means, where the idea came from, how it influenced history, and how it's affecting us today.

May 23rd

Mary Pallett is back for another presentation about estate planning and end-of-life preparations. A rare opportunity to ask questions about a taboo topic in a judgment-free zone!

May 30th

Our fabulous member Rosy Haddad will be sharing her knowledge and experience with us about budgets and personal finances. After working in finance for many years before having her son, she is ready to get back into serving others with her expertise! Come ready to take notes.


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