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Our October calendar is here!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022


October 6- The Importance of Mammograms

This info-session will be cohosted by a breast imaging specialist, Lisa Sarah-Ann Smith of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). Learn about mammograms and other imaging procedures used to detect tumors, cysts, and other possible health concerns in the breast. Lunch included.

October 11- Member Mapping Journey

This activity will reflect on members’ experiences with Women on the Rise (WOR)- from initially hearing about the organization, to checking it out for the first time, to participating regularly, becoming a member, and giving back… and everything in between. This activity is intended to encourage members to reflect on their own journey with WOR, as well as support our strategic planning process by learning more about why/when/how people get involved with WOR! A small prize will be raffled at the end of this activity among participating members.

October 13- What’s Up with Winter?!

This is a ‘Let’s Chat’ activity that will center around the coming colder months. How do people feel about winter? What extra needs do you have for you and your family once the snow comes? How can WOR help? We’ll share some resources and tips!

October 20- Keeping your Immune System Strong

Jenni Lee from Ecole Setsuko is back with a seasonal workshop that will present tips as to how to keep colds at bay and stay healthy this winter.

October 22- Free Snowsuit Boutique at the Walkley Centre

We are cohosting our third annual snowsuit drive during the month of October and all donations will culminate at a free Boutique at the Walkley Centre on October 22. There will be winter gear, including boots, coats, and mittens, for the whole family and in all sizes. This initiative is in collaboration with Bienvenue NDG, Maison Mosaik and Walkley Centre. Book an appointment time through us- details coming soon!

October 28- Hallowe’en Party

This will be a family-friendly activity and will include painting pumpkins that you can bring home! Other games and treats will also be on-site- let our team know if you would like to help plan this event!



Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10-3 our distro room is open to the public! Come check out our boutique of free clothing for women, children, and babies! Other gear including toys, boots, and baby supplies may be available depending on quantities. We appreciate when you call ahead, although it is not obligatory.


To allow the moms to concentrate on their workshops and activities, their children between the ages of 2-5 are welcome to join the program twice weekly. This program supports children’s natural development through socializing and introducing routine. Activities include crafts, reading, singing, and free play (indoors and outdoors). Our early childhood educator takes a personal approach to meet the needs of each child holistically. This program serves as a respite for mothers as well, affording them the opportunity to prioritize their needs. This program takes place from 12-3 on Tuesdays and 10:30-3:00 on Thursdays.


This 6-week series of online group sessions began September 21 and continues until October 26 and is hosted on Wednesday nights from 8-9pm. This series is already full, but spaces may become available. Participants will explore different themes and subject matter to prompt creativity and conversation.


These stretching and relaxation sessions are hosted online by the amazing Reena Almoneda Chang.


Also Hosted by Reena, this workshop has a more energetic tempo.


This month’s activities will explore various ways to preserve Apples (October 14), and to make jam (October 28).


- All activities are free unless otherwise stated.

- Registration is required for all activities. Please email us at to request your participation. All requests will be assessed on a needs-based priority system.

- NEW: All Tuesday and Thursday afternoon activities will start promptly at 1:00. Please note that there is a drop in teatime beginning at 12:30, and we invite all participants to come early and chat before the workshop begins!

- Childcare is available for most on-site programs, with 7 days' notice. Please indicate your needs in your participation request. This service will not be available if you do not indicate your need upon registering


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