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Summer celebrations for women and kids in NDG, August 2023

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

Women on the Rise will be on holiday in the last half of August, but not before we celebrate with you all! This month we've got four festive events planned to end our summer programming on a high note. We also have some scheduled closures coming up. Read on to learn more.

Let's Chat!

Tuesday, August 1st, is our monthly Let's Chat! activity. It's a great way to get familiar with our organization, because we will be reviewing the calendar together and responding to people's questions. There's always tea and snacks, and newcomers are welcome!

Trip to Confederation Pool

We're going to the pool together on August 3rd, so make sure you've got all the supplies you need--sunscreen, towels, swimsuits, waterproof diapers, snacks, and hats. We'll meet at Women on the Rise at 12:30 pm, or you can meet us at the pool at 1 pm.

Shimmy your shoulders at our very first mehmooni!

A mehmooni is a Persian party with food, music, dancing, and laughter. On August 8th, we'll be hosting one for the very first time. We will have a dance demonstration, a fantastic playlist, and plenty of chai (tea)! If you've never been to a mehmooni before and you want to practice your dance moves in advance, here's a video to get you started. We'll let you know when registration opens!

We are still looking for volunteers to do a Persian dance demonstration, so please contact us if you're interested!

Picnic and Art in Benny Park

Join us at Benny Park on August 10th for a relaxed outdoor activity to celebrate the end of our summer programming with us. There will be activities for children and for adults, as well as some light snacks. If the weather is warm, we might play in the splash pad, so bring a bathing suit and towel just in case!

Staff Holiday August 14th - 25th

All staff and facilitators of Women on the Rise are taking a two-week holiday from Monday August 14th till Friday August 25th. During this time, our centre and our office will be closed, and the Post-Partum Mental Health Support Group will not take place. By taking time off, we will be able to proactively rest and ultimately continue serving our community to the best of our abilities. We will make a list of resources available on all of our platforms in case you need immediate support while we are away.

Administrative week August 28th - September 1st

In the last week of August, our office will re-open. Our centre will remain closed to the public during this week.

For all your questions don't hesitate to contact us !


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