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THank you Everyone for a beautiful Night!

The Women on the Rise Board of Directors would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you who took the time to attend our first Annual Women on the Rise Gala Fundraiser. The support displayed during the event was unprecedented!

There were so many people who assisted us with this wonderful evening. Special mention goes to Otis Grant from the Otis Grant and Friends Foundation for always being there for us. Dawn, Shanika, and Tamara for bringing out the beauty in all of us.

The make up was on point. George and Brian from Go Shuttle for making sure that the Mom’s arrived at the Gala and got home safely. Noushin Bahr, our wonderful photographer who made everyone look great in pictures. Carl Harris for the great video footage that captured the fun we had. Our interns Francesca and Gabrielle for digitizing so many beautiful photos that became the evening's powerpoint. Nick Gertler for creating the video tribute for Grace. Maggie Rolland for helping at the registration desk. Leah Hanrahan for lending her planning expertise to our team since the beginning of this project. Brian O’Connell for putting together our program and Ron from BestBite Catering, for making sure everyone was fed --the food was so good!!

Our wonderful entertainers, Nino Flamenco, Cleo Marshall Walker, and Lorraine Klaasen for keeping our guests entertained. Pat Dillon Moore, for sharing your contacts, carrying the show and being there with words of encouragement throughout the planning process.

Finally, thank you to our guests for coming out and bringing the magic!


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